Monday, February 4, 2008


yeah my last sem started....n we recieved our first assignment on our very first day. its very interesting story of conjoined twins- (roman had decribed it in a very funny way.) we have to do its illustration. twins of two different personalities..good n one bad. but yaa... am not able to think out of the box. i generally get visuals as soon as i read the brief but.. this time not very interesting inspite the story being very unique. today is the deadline for the ideas.. am sure am gonna fail this deadline. i mean i am getting something(visuals) in my mind hard to express. not happy.... am thinking!


Anonymous said...

just a thought from my side, how about using reflection to solve the purpose. Since they are twins as u said (and not split personality). Otherwise u'll have to explain in detail.

Do post that picture for sure!

Anonymous said...

i missed that conjoined part. But still you can manage it.

amiraggarima said...

will post the artwork once done!
btw, whom am i talking to?