Tuesday, February 5, 2008

food for thought:

Time Poverty... i never came across these to words together! interesting!


Anonymous said...

good one !1 how about showing a big round watch in center and then occupying each quadrants with some stuff likee meetings, loads of work or seminars and at the end very less time or quadrant for family...... Hmm too good topic for debate rather than art.

But then it really makes you think!acchaa lagaa :)

Anonymous said...

Stop motion animation veteran, Dhimant Vyas and Aamir Khan Productions have generously shared photos of the making of the Clay Animation sequences from Taare Zameen Par. I got in one f my forwards.

Is it true? I feel like you know him.

Garima said...

yeah i know dhimant and of course aamir khan too.
who are you?

Dhimant Vyas said...

Dear Garima
Nice to see your blog!!
How are you? Since long time I was busy, now little relax to be in touch with old friends.
How are you doing?
I can see your work on the blog they are nice.
I will be uploading my site soon, will tell you.
Dhimant vyas

Garima J-Bajaj said...

thanks kaka,
i didnt even come to know that u had commented on my blog..
yeah i want to see ur website..hope u not as busy as u were earlier.