Wednesday, October 10, 2007


i completed this in like an hour and half. i was pretty amazed myself then. my proffessor liked it too. the secret is..i was intending to go greener and like have a forest feel.. but then in process i changed my mind. that was a good move i suppose.this was the first time i was able to show a distance decent enough in my landscape. i mean i like that horizontal light lines on the middle right side of the painting.

i miss doing landscape..s. back in school we would not get over it.. now that i stopped doing nemore of it.. i miss it.


Anonymous said...

Nicely done;
IIt would have added more charm,if the two characters would have been more nearer towards the forest end and a bit closer. Rest all is perfectly balanced. Probabaly you could have shown the path more rough or jumpy or the road leading to abode. It was what i felt.

amiraggarima said...

thanks for ur comment.