Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"no time"

>an illustration for people who are constantly working and who have absolutely no 'time' for themselves, for their family, for vacation..stuff like that.
i was really worried with this initially.
u know, when u know how it should look.. what all things u would use
as in textures n stuff to make it look better..
in short, i mean, u have olready imagined the final artwork in ur head.. and u are not able to do so in reality. thatz frustrating!
i was ol very excited when i began.. halfway down the lane.. i was like its a disaster..its not what i had imagined.. was running out of time.. grrr
then i just left it.. took like 10 min break..ate m&ms' watched something on t.v. and quitely returned to my drawing table.. and tada..
yeah, i know.. i still have few changes to make.

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Elizabeth Savanella said...

hey Garima! Your so talented! so glad to her from you :)